What the ICD-10 transition has taught me


Physicians share the lingering effects of the coding transition as things still appear smoother than most expected.



Elizabeth Seymour, MD
Family medicine
Denton, Texas

"The ICD-10 transition has taught me that change is inevitable. My practice must change with the times to keep up with the pace."




Michael Boland, MD
Baltimore, Maryland

"Whether the change to ICD-10 will provide us with a meaningful benefit is another question, however, and one that will take some time to answer."




George G. Ellis, Jr., MD
Youngstown, Ohio

"ICD-10 has taught me that my practice can adapt to new changes without difficulty … With a lot of hard work on everyone's part, we were able to make the conversion without a hitch."



Terry Brenneman, MD
Raleigh, North Carolina

"I feel like the proverbial person "dying of a thousand cuts" between HIPAA, CLIA, EHRs, ICD-10, prior authorizations, and so on."




Pamela J. Miller, OD
Highland, California

"I don’t see that ICD-10 is really any improvement over ICD-9, although I do think it was overhyped; just another hassle and part of doing business."



Maria Chandler, MD, MBA
Long Beach, California

"I feel bad saying that our EHR vendor set us up well! They had us practicing six months in advance and we didn't have a glitch."




Mile Brujic, OD
Bowling Green, Ohio

"There was a Y2K sense about [ICD-10]. But, everyone I spoke really transitioned relatively smoothly. Overall it has been a relatively smooth transition."

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