What Economic Recovery?

Although experts have been talking about the economic recovery for years and there have been positive signs, Americans still says the economy is their biggest worry, followed closely by the deficit.

Although experts have been talking about the economic recovery for years, good luck making the average American believe it. A new Gallup poll revealed that economic issues still dominate Americans’ concerns about the country’s future.

Gallup revealed that 17% of respondents said the economy was their biggest worry for the future of the U.S., following by 11% who said debt/deficit/nation’s finances.

Only 4% mentioned health care/cost of health care despite continued uncertainty about implementation of the Affordable Care Act — in less than 100 days the health insurance exchanges need to be open for business.

The economy is a top worry across party lines with Republicans and Democrats almost equally worried (18% and 19%, respectively). However, Republicans’ second-biggest worry (15%) is debt/deficit/nation’s finances, while Democrats named employment and jobs (9%).

The top worry is almost consistent across age groups, although those ages 30 to 49 are more concerned (23%) than 18- to 29-year-olds (17%), 50- to 64-year-olds (14%) and those age 65 and older (13%).

The order of worries is mostly consistent across age groups with debt/deficit/nation’s finances following, then employment/jobs and wars/conflicts in other countries. However, those age 65 and older were more concerned about wars than jobs.

“Americans' top worries for the future are in line with what they mention as the most important problems facing the country today,” according to the Gallup report. “These concerns are consistent with Americans being slightly more pessimistic than optimistic in their economic outlook, as well as sluggish economic growth and stubborn unemployment rates.”

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Victor J. Dzau, MD, gives expert advice
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