Welcome to the Cooked But Not Done Club

Burned out but not yet finished with your career? Join the club.

Dear Doctor,

Welcome to the Cooked But Not Done Club.

As one of thousands of doctors who have burned out but certainly are not finished, we welcome you the CBND Club. We congratulate you having the guts to give up the Warrior Mentality of Medicine and move on to your next life and career adventure. We know it wasn't easy for you or the members of your family to make and accept your decision, but we know by that smile on your face that you did the right thing.

Here are your member benefits:

1. Several more years of life expectancy.

2. Monthly chapter meetings with other club members who will share their stories.

3. A 1-800-BURNOUT line in case you feel yourself even thinking about going back to clinical practice.

4. Special discounts for rental cars, hotel, and airfare for those trips to visit the grandchildren or going to San Francisco to pitch for investment money in your startup.

5. An online mentorship platform where you can pass it forward.

6. Encore career training.

7. An income-defined, stratified-dues structure.

8. A lifetime, free membership to a health club of your choice.

9. The special anniversary edition of the Cooked But Not Done cookbook or a history of Parisian pissoirs to read when you are PISSING on burnout.

10. Special discounts on supplements, vitamins, neutraceuticals, medicinal foods, probiotics, and all the other hot new things you should put in your mouth that may or may not do you any good.

You will also be happy to know that there is no MOC requirement to maintain your status in good standing.

Once again, enjoy the next act. Just try not to screw it up.

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