Welcome to the American Academy of Employed Physicians

A welcome letter imagining all the things today’s employed physicians might need to survive in this new career landscape.

Thank you for joining the American Academy of Employed Physicians (AAEP). Our mission is to provide you with the education, resources, networks, and assistance to surthrive in the ever-turbulent world of employed medicine. We encourage you to take advantage of our member benefits, including:

1. A free consultation with our employment lawyer panel who stand ready to assist you.

2. Outsourcing help when you get fired.

3. Emotional intelligence training and free enrollment in our disruptive physician bootcamp.

4. A basic accounting course so you can spot those nasty little productivity errors that determine your compensation.

5. Our free online book on physician intrapreneurship and media training to face the press when they expose your conflicts of interest, fraud, or abuse.

6. Discounts to our national meeting where we will be discussing such topics as "What to do when your hospital is acquired" and "What to do when your white coat gets the pink slip".

7. Membership in special interest groups: whistleblowers, high-earning proceduralists, bad rebels, and clinical drop outs.

8. Depression treatment centers and burnout rehabilitation.

9. An academic group that meets separately from the non-academic group since we still have not figured out how to get the two to play nice together.

10. A free anti-toxin when you are labeled as a toxic employee.

Our next annual meeting will be in San Diego, March 8th, 2016 and we look forward to meeting you there. Picketing outside the conference center is prohibited.

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