WEBINAR: Bullet-Proof Asset-Protection Strategies

Join Ken Rubinstein, senior partner at the law firm of Rubinstein and Rubinstein, LLP, in a live Webinar on August 11 to discuss asset-protection strategies that can be 100 percent effective -- and serve to discourage future lawsuits.

The idea that physicians need to protect their assets from aggressive litigants is not new, but the rationale for the strategy has changed just in the last year.

New federal task forces targeting Medicare and Medicaid fraud have led to huge fines against physicians, often as a result of simple billing errors. Worse yet, at a time when malpractice insurance policies are becoming smaller, plaintiffs' malpractice awards are growing. Never before has the medical profession been so vulnerable.

Ken Rubinstein, the senior partner at Rubinstein and Rubinstein, LLP, an international law firm based in New York City, and Physician’s Money Digest Managing Editor Terri Cullen will host two live, hour-long Webinars to answer your questions about wealth protection and estate planning. Our live Webinar will focus on domestic and international asset-protection strategies that can be 100 percent effective against all future claims -- and serve to discourage future lawsuits.

Rubinstein appears regularly as an expert in the field of asset-protection and tax planning on television networks such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV and WABC-TV. He was the host of "Your Money and the Law," a weekly radio program broadcast on WEVD 1050 AM in New York.