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Myriad organizations exist to advocate for physicians and promote healthcare system improvements, but in many cases it's unclear whether the organizations succeed at their stated goals.

Dear Dr Meyers,

For many years, The American Society of Surviving Physicians and Surgeons has made a critical commitment to the profession. But, only 20% of the combined ASS-PS annual budget comes from membership dues. I am personally asking for your support to promote our mission: To help members like you fight for the right to be called physicians, not providers, and to regain our power base by funneling as much money as possible to candidates who see things our way.

Why support the Foundation?

Specifically, your donation helps provide:

• Advancement, understanding, and treatment of diseases through research, although almost none of it will translate into viable commercial products

• High-quality education programs, products, and opportunities, even though most of what we will charge you to do is available for free on the Internet

• Education for the public and patients about the specialty, even though most think we are self-centered, egotistical, paternalistic, greedy pawns of a dysfunctional Sick Care system increasingly controlled by industry and the government.

• Improvements in the quality of healthcare, most of which we cannot document, but which we’ll call innovative.

• Support for humanitarian missions, most of which will not address the outcome gaps in your neighborhood.

• Evidence-based guidelines and performance improvement tools, which ensure adequate payment and improve patient care, most of which you will not follow.

• Funding for innumerable committees, building improvements, and the big salaries of our executive director and staff, when, in fact, most don't add real value and are doing most of their work at home.

Please take a moment to show your commitment to advancing our specialty by giving as generous a gift as possible.

Thank you for supporting ASS-PS

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