Voice assistant integrated into Epic EHR

AI-powered technology can automatically generate notes that are integrated into the patient’s record

Suki’s AI-powered voice assistant has been integrated into Epic EHR software, which will help physicians complete time-consuming administrative tasks by voice. This includes the ability to generate clinical notes from ambiently listening to a patient-clinician conversation.

AI assistant: ©Supermelon - stock.adobe.com

AI assistant: ©Supermelon - stock.adobe.com

Suki uses generative AI to listen to clinician-patient interactions in real-time and auto-generate clinical notes. Clinicians can review and accept, reject, or edit content suggestions to ensure the accuracy of final notes. Once notes are complete, they sync back to Epic, streamlining documentation workflows for clinicians.

“Ambient documentation holds great promise for reducing administrative burden and clinician burnout, and we are delighted to work with Epic to deliver a sophisticated, easy-to-use solution to its client base,” said Punit Soni, CEO of Suki, in a statement.

The company’s AI voice assistant has already been proven to reduce documentation time per note by as much as 72% in family medicine settings.

Suki Assistant’s ambient note-generation feature is currently available for beta testing.

To learn more, visit suki.ai.

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