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Top 9 most talked about blogs of 2016


We’ve rounded up our nine most popular blogs, which had the most reader interaction, shares and website visits. Read on to find out which topics your colleagues couldn’t stop talking about.




Between the presidential election and new legislation announcements-such as Medicare's payment reform-to say it has been a busy year for the medical industry would be an understatement.

Our industry leader and physician bloggers had lots to say over the past year on these topics, and many sparked lots of extended conversations online and on social media.

We’ve rounded up our nine most popular blogs, which had the most reader interaction, shares and website visits. Read on to find out which topics your colleagues couldn’t stop talking about.




9. Is MACRA legal?

“MACRA, with all of its distractions and fool’s errands, not only interferes with the way we practice, but threatens our compensation if we don’t get with the program.”






8. Reexamining the 80-hour medical resident workweek

“While their overnight call was certainly brutal at times, many have told me that they see a dramatic increase in the acuity and volume of work expected of a resident during a long call, meaning that the total hours worked may now be fewer, but the work per hour has likely increased.”






7. Administrative costs are killing U.S. healthcare

“Warren Buffet summed up this dilemma vividly, saying that healthcare is the ‘… tapeworm of the American economy... I think the healthcare problem is the No. 1 problem of American and of American business.'" 





6. Here’s why a Trump president is good for physicians and patients

“The effect of electing Trump has completely changed the tenor of the conversation in healthcare. Our former healthcare policy masters that long worked successfully to transfer power from independent physicians to large clinically integrated networks that employ physicians are, for the moment, on the outside looking in. The idea that we may be entering an era that empowers physicians rather than devalues them should fill all of us with great optimism.”





5. The truth about why the U.S. can’t control healthcare costs

“The question of why the U.S. generates so little value for its healthcare dollar is a persistent source of study and debate. While dramatic changes are underway in how care is financed and delivered, two major structural impediments to moving the U.S. “closer to the curve” are rarely discussed.”





4. Who is ruining the healthcare system?

"This exploitation is analogous to what happens when incentives are not aligned in healthcare: payers, practitioners and patients at the commons are doing what they feel they must without accountability for equity in access, cost-effectiveness, benefit or cost-utility."







3. 10 steps to increase financial security for physicians

“If you are interested in having the opportunity to eventually retire and not have to worry about finding an “early bird” special at your favorite restaurant, consider the following ten great ideas.”





2. I’m a Democrat physician and I’m voting for Trump

“As a long-standing member of the Democratic Party, I have a confession to make. I am voting for Donald Trump. The journey from a man like Obama to a man like Trump was surprisingly short, forged as I started a small independent practice three years ago in the crucible that is healthcare.”






1. Young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical roles

“I suspect, however, that most physicians view those who leave clinical practice behind, either in whole or part, with some degree of envy. These “Drop Out Docs” (complete with a website dedicated to job opportunities) have weighed their opportunities as a practicing physician or surgeon – long held as one of the most prestigious and well-remunerated professions in the United States – against the alternatives, and still choose to leave. Why?”


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