Top 10 highest and lowest paying states for PCPs

Did your state make the cut?



With so many changing financial variables these days, it has become even harder to manage a steady income. Knowing whether or not your salary is amongst the highest, or lowest, in the country comes in handy when attempting to combat these struggles.

Read on to find out which states Doximity says were the highest- and lowest-paying states for primary care physicians (internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN) this year.




5. Nevada $283,750


4. Nebraska $295,000


3. Iowa $304,750 


2. South Dakota $305,250 


1. Alaska $330,000 




5. Maryland $233,000 


4. Michigan $228,750 


3. Delaware $218,000 


2. West Virginia $204,750 


1. DC $191,500