The PMD Critical List: Medicine's Manhattan Project


Greg Kelly scours the web to find the must-read stories for physicians.

Editor's Note: Today marks the debut of a new weekly feature by

columnist Greg Kelly. Each Monday, Greg will scour the Internet to find the must-read news articles for physicians. We're calling it The PMD Critical List. We hope you enjoy it.

Physician's Money Digest

1. Medicine's Manhattan Project: Can The World's Richest Doctor Fix Health Care? (Forbes)

Grand vision to build “Star Trek’s fabled tricorder”

2. Web Ratings Affect Parent Choices of Doctors (iHealthBeat)

Online reputation = Community reputation

3. Feds to Publicize Drug Company Payments to Doctors (Chicago Tribune)

Comprehensive, searchable database—$10 payments and up

4. On Its One Year Anniversary Obamacare Gets an F (New York Post)

President’s plan to cost $2.6 trillion+ over 10 years

5. Suicide and the Young Physician (The Atlantic)

It happens every day to a doctor

6. Survey: 80% of US Physicians Over or At Capacity (The Physicians Foundation)

Major implications for future patient access to care

7. Difficult Patients: It's Not Them, It's You, Doctor (Health Leaders Media)

It’s actually less work to care for a relationship

8. Is Doctor Payment System Rigged to Favor Surgeons? (Medical News Today)

“How long will this take, doctor?”

9. Virtual-Reality Doctors are Booming (Fortune)

50% of large employers offering telemedicine in 2015 (Fortune)

10. Doctors Losing Clout with Drug Companies (The Wall Street Journal)

40% are now hospital system employees

Bonus “Must See”“Dying in America” IOM Report Calls for Major Reform (Medscape)

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