The Best TVs for 2015

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Consumer electronics experts agree: 2015 is a year to get excited about televisions. According to the Wall Street Journal, gimmicks and strange add-ons have been replaced by upgrades in user interface, color and clarity.

Consumer electronics experts agree: 2015 is a year to get excited about televisions. According to the Wall Street Journal, gimmicks and strange add-ons have been replaced by upgrades in user interface, color and clarity.

At the annual Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas—heaven for gadget geeks—television makers like Sony, Samsung, LG, and others displayed their newest sets. Improvements such as 4K, or ultra HD, are being introduced at prices not usually seen for early-adapter TVs.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading for a large sporting event, or want to surprise the movie-buff in your life, there are new and quality televisions available at every price point. Here are some of the best televisions for sale this year, in no particular order, according to various consumer electronics experts.

8. Vizio M322iB1

Size: 32 inches

List Price: $299

If you’re not looking for a screen the entire neighborhood can see, the Vizio M-Series 32-inch LCD television might be your best budget bet. Several experts have said that, if you’re not in the market for an enormous flat screen, this television give you the most value for your money. cnet’s review is for the 42-inch and larger M-Series televisions, but many of the same features are available on the 32 inch.

7. Samsung UN32H5500

Size: 32 inches

List Price: $397

Not enough space for a marquee-sized television? This model from Samsung—the first of several appearances by the manufacturer—stands up to larger competitors. The 1080p resolution offers great detail, although you’ll need to configure display settings beyond the presets to get the best out of the TV. Another perk for apartment dwellers? Low internal bass levels, meaning few noise complaints from neighbors.

6. Panasonic TC-53AS530U

Size: 50 inches

List Price: $799

Everything about this television is above average, except for its price. Decent styling, ease of use and picture quality are great for people who don’t need to be blown away with extra gizmos and super-high-quality graphics. This 50-inch screen sells for about the same amount as high-end 32-inch televisions. Not for gamers or sports fans, this smart television is better suited for those who want to watch “Orange is the New Black” comfortably — the remote even comes with a Netflix button.

5. Samsung UN55F8000

Size: 55 inches

List Price: $1,499


Sleek and minimalist are not necessarily words attributed to a 55-inch television, but Samsung’s “flagship non-4k” display comes in a very fashionable package. It also comes with a touch-pad remote that removes a lot of extraneous buttons, this is a television with a great picture that’s easy to use. With all of the added features of more expensive televisions, this model has come down in price to accommodate those who aren’t ready to jump on the Ultra HD bandwagon just yet.

4. Sharp LC-70LE650U

Size: 70 inches

Price: $1,947

This is the best television if you’re going for big and you’re going for value. Released in 2013, Sharp’s recent upgrades haven’t provided enough bang for the buck at this size, making this gargantuan model one of their best-in-class products. User reviews say you have to play with the picture settings at first to really enjoy your display, but the effort is worth it. This television is not 3D compatible, unlike the next 3 televisions featured, but does come with a built in wifi receiver and an easy-to-use Smart TV operating system.

3. Samsung UN50HU8550

Size: 50 inches

Price: $1,497

If you’ve seen one television being pumped up across all types of reviews, it’s this 4k LCD television from Samsung. In addition to higher quality contrast, definition and color, the user interface and remote are also upgrades from other televisions in its class. This also seems to be the one of the best 4k televisions that will be on sale during traditional television-buying days. This is the smallest model in this series, with screens going up to 85 inches. The best part? This television is ready for upgrades as new technology becomes more readily available.

2. Sony XBR-65X900B

Size: 65 inches

Price: $2,699

For the cinephile in your life, try this TV. According to cnet, it has the best combination of sound and video in a non-plasma television. Unlike the Samsung 4k, this model is unlikely to be on sale any time soon, but if you’re looking to splurge, it’s tough to top this model. Coming in 55- and 65-inch sizes, this television has enormous front-facing speakers, unlike many of the display-only flat panel TVs. If you don’t want to invest in a sound system in addition to a television upgrade, this is definitely the 4k television for you.

1. LG 55EC9300

Size: 55 inches

Price: $2,977

Again, not for the budget-conscious, but OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology still reigns supreme in television technology. Thin, stylish and an incredible display make it a favorite of experts. OLED technology allows for darker blacks, brighter whites, and a more organic color range than any other type of television. LG’s version is still selling for roughly $3,000, but considering OLED televisions were selling for upwards of $10,000 when first released, if you’re looking to invest in this technology, there’s no better time than now.