Smart Pill Bottles and Medication Adherence

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Medication non-adherence is a tough, multifaceted problem and a startup has come up with a new "smart pill bottle" that is a combination of a pill bottle and an app.

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he orange prescription bottle is ubiquitous (unless you go to Target) in the pill cabinets of patients in the U.S.

While these mass-produced bottles have made it easier to dispense medications (in the traditional ‘Lick, Stick and Pour’), it has done nothing to make the process of taking medications any easier.


Medication non-adherence is a tough, multifaceted problem. We know that patients do not take their medications on a regular basis.

With the current medical system, the movement to primary prevention and increasing life expectancy, chronic medication use almost becomes an inevitable outcome in some form for most people.

Many studies have looked into increasing medication adherence. Even smartphones and their apps have been investigated and identified as a potential source of overcoming adherence problems.

But how about a combination of a pill bottle and app? Welcome to AdhereTech, a recent startup that seeks to address medication non-adherence with a revolutionary new “smart pill bottle.” The bottles come equipped with 3G and LTE capabilities, and will be able to sense and transmit the contents of the bottle to the cloud through HIPAA compliant means.

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