Sell to an insurance company? Why not?!

The economy's in the tank, so you have to make a buck somehow, right? Take a look at one viable way to sell your medical practice for fair market value and retire rich.

Key Points

Traditional ways to sell your practice include a hospital sale, company buy out, and partnership buy in/buyout. These are the normal analytics for a sale. But have you considered selling your practice to an insurance company?

You've probably read about the practices-and not just primary care practices-that have been purchased by UnitedHealth Group, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and other insurance companies.


Because I have met with and interviewed officials from each of these insurance companies, I can share the pros and cons of selling your practice to them.


Some of the disadvantages:

Why do you care? You care because of your patients. In the real world, however, patients possibly could be better cared for both financially and medically by the insurance companies.