Physician moonlighting: How to find opportunities, earn extra money and expand your career

How physicians can find moonlighting opportunities, on today’s Medical Economics Pulse.

Everyone knows physicians are hard working professionals. But did you know that many of your colleagues are working multiple jobs?

In our annual Physician Report, nearly one out of three physicians told us that they earn secondary income by “moonlighting” at another gig. The most popular forms of secondary work include consulting, teaching and, perhaps surprisingly, work that doesn’t involve a medical degree at all.

The average income earned from these jobs? About $40,000 per year.

Many physicians may be wondering, where do I find these opportunities? And how do I know what is the right one for me?

To discuss this, I sat down with Dr. Suneel Dhand, an internist who moonlights himself and co-founded a company, DocsDox, that helps physicians find secondary income opportunities.