Physician departure notification

Learn whether to notify CMS if a partner leaves a practice.

Q: Do we have to tell the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) if a physician leaves our practice? If so, when do we have to tell the agency?

A: Yes, you must inform CMS if a physician leaves your practice, but different deadlines may apply, depending on the physician's position in the practice. You must file a CMS-855R reassignment form terminating the physician's right to payment within 90 days of his or her leaving. If the physician was a partner, a shareholder with 5% or greater ownership in the practice, had managerial duties, or was listed on previous enrollment applications as an "authorized" or "delegated official," you also must inform CMS within 30 days of the physician's departure by filing a change of information on the practice's CMS-855B enrollment form. Failure to properly update your enrollment information may result in the loss of your Medicare billing privileges.