Most Expensive ZIP Codes in America


If you practice or live in one of these 500 ZIP codes, then you are incredibly lucky. One New Jersey town retook the top spot and California dominated the list. released its list of America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes, and unsurprisingly, California dominated the list, with 40 of the top 100 spots.

Alpine, N.J. took the top spot again after dropping to number four on the list in 2010. The median home price in this New York City suburb is $4.55 million and is home to a variety of celebrities — Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Brothers and Chris Rock to name a few — and one famous physician, Sachin Jain, who was an advisor to the Obama administration.

Forbes compiled the list with Altos Research, limiting the search to ZIP codes with at least 20 residences listed for sale. The list is based on asking prices, so it may not be “completely representative of the communities featured,” according to the publication Regardless, the list offers an interesting snapshot on the activity in each market.

The most expensive home for sale on is in the city that takes the number 19 spot on the list: Los Angeles. The house is listed for $125 million; however the median home price is significantly lower at $2.6 million.

Other California towns that made the list were Atherton (number two), Beverly Hills (number five), Malibu (number 12) and Palo Alto (number 36).

New York City saw a bit of a shake up. SoHo (number six) and TriBeCa (number seven) both passed by the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and the West Village. In SoHo the median home price was $3.4 million, up 5.3% from last year. TriBeCa’s median price jumped even more by 7% to $3.3 million.

The last ZIP code to sneak on the list was Koloa on the Hawaiian island of Kauai at number 500 with a median home price of $654,051.

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