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A car can be a large investment, but it needs to be dependable considering owners hold onto the vehicle for years. These 3-year-old cars had the fewest reported problems in 2012.

A car can be a large investment, but it needs to be dependable if you’re going to hold onto it for a long time. Luckily, owners of 3-year-old cars reported fewer problems last year than owners of similarly aged cars the previous year, according to new study results.

Every year J.D. Power and Associates measures the problems experienced during the course of a year by the original owners of 3-year-old vehicles (2010 model year). According to the 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Survey (VDS), the difference in problems reported was particularly evident in models first introduced in 2010 or substantially redesigned from the 2009 model year.

"There is a perception that all-new models, or models that undergo a major redesign, are more problematic than carryover models," David Sargent, vice president of global automotive at J.D. Power and Associates, said in a statement. "Data from the 2013 VDS suggests that this is not the case. The rapid improvement in fundamental vehicle dependability each year is more than offsetting any initial glitches that all-new or redesigned models may have."

The study scored cars on dependability based on the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100). The lower the PP100 score, the higher quality the vehicle.

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10. Volvo S80

PP100: 93

MSRP: from $39,200 - $50,950 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 15/22 (sedan)

9. Cadillac CTS

PP100: 92

MSRP: $35,165 - $48,765 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 16/26 (sedan)

8. Chevrolet Camaro

PP100: 87

MSRP: $22,680 - $33,945 (coupe)

MPG city/hwy: 16/24 (coupe)

7. Cadillac DTS

PP100: 84

MSRP: $46,280 - $59,475 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 15/22 (sedan)

5. (tied) Toyota Avalon

PP100: 82

MSRP: $27,945 - $35,285 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 19/28 (sedan)

5. (tied) Audi A6

PP100: 82

MSRP: $45,200 - $59,150 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 16/23 (sedan)

4. Lincoln MKZ

PP100: 81

MSRP: $34,225 - $36,115 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 17,24 (sedan)

3. Lexus LS 460

PP100: 72

MSRP: $65,380 - $74,450(sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 16/23 (sedan)

2. Buick Lucerne

PP100: 70

MSRP: $29,230 - $42,515 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 15/22 (sedan)

1. Lexus ES 350

PP100: 58

MSRP: $35,175 (sedan)

MPG city/hwy: 19/27 (sedan)

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