Like Hotels With Free Breakfast? Stay Here

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Breakfast is served for free at nearly half of US hotels, but at only 14% of hotels globally. Here's a look at where to stay if a complimentary breakfast is a priority.

Breakfast is served free at 43% of US hotels, but at only 14% of hotels globally, according to travel planning site Hipmunk’s recent survey. Of course nothing is really “free” since lodgings carefully calculate and bundle costs with their room rates.

Interestingly, in the US, 53% of two-star lodgings dish out the complimentary fare as opposed to only 5% of five-star properties. While the often-dry eggs, stale muffins and rubbery fried potatoes might not be Top Chef quality or even meet high school cafeteria levels, Americans like the fact that the meal, whatever it tastes like, didn’t cost extra money and also saved them the time required to find a nearby restaurant. US travelers, especially cost-conscious ones, like to fill-up for free before heading out.

Beyond US borders, about 20% of five-star and 20% of two-star hotels include breakfast at no extra charge.

Countries with the highest percentage of hotels providing free breakfast are:

• United States, 43%

• Tanzania, 32%

• Honduras, 30%

• Peru, 29%

• Tunisia, 28%

• Bolivia, 27%


• Cambodia, 25%

• Tied at 24% each are Colombia, Uruguay, Jordan, and Norway.

Countries with the highest percentage of five-star hotels providing free breakfast are:

• Tanzania, 50%

• Cambodia, 48%

• Tied at 45% each are Croatia and Italy

• South Africa, 44%

• Kenya, 43%

• Tied at 40% each are Israel, Czech Republic, and Greece

• Ukraine, 38%

• Tied at 35% each are Romania, Colombia, and Kuwait.

If a free breakfast rates high on your travel list, you know where to head.

Do you look for complimentary breakfast when you book your hotel? Where have you gotten a memorable breakfast for free? Comment below or connect with me on Twitter, @familyitrips.