Letters: Readers comment on Medical Economics stories

Medical Economics readers discuss the many requirements needed to help patients and show their appreciation for Dr. Frank D. Gabrin's story.

Requirements to help can be perplexing

I enjoyed the article "Running to the doctor" (by Antoinette Cheney, DO, June 25 issue), although it left me as perplexed as ever about the various requirements we encounter in helping our patients.

I agree that requiring a pre-participation exam for many or all marathon or other runners would not be a good idea. I'm not sure we would discover the patients who need further testing. And I suspect we would needlessly increase costs for many, especially if practicing "defensive medicine" to any extent.

Thanks for letting us all think about this again.

Loveland, Colorado

Similar experience to inspirational story

Thank you so much for sharing Dr. Gabrin's story ("Discovering the 'heart of care' by Frank D. Gabrin, DO, May 25 issue). It was inspiring, enlightening, and educational.

I, too, have been through medical hell. I can really relate to, and appreciate, the knowledge he shared.

Hayward, California

Empowering experience serves as good reminder

Thank you, Dr. Gabrin, for your wonderful testimony of success. It was both moving and very empowering.

I have been blessed to intuitively apply these steps with all my patients.

It reminded me of those days during residency. I was exhausted after being up 30+ hours. I had to face difficult patients (such as the angry heroin addict). And I would say to myself, "What the hell I'm I doing here? I'm exhausted and nobody [cares] about ME."

Then, the moment I would walk in the room, something magical would happen. I would suddenly be struck with the fact that what I was doing was a sacred covenant between me, the patient, and God. Suddenly I would feel a surge of positive energy to be helpful-human-again.

So much of what you identify in your well-written article holds true to our everyday experiences.

Thank you again for articulating these important thoughts. In a time of often difficult and changing canons, we need people like you to remind us why we do what we do.

Aiken, South Carolina

Thankful we shared doctor's story

The article by Dr. Gabrin was inspiring and important. Thanks for printing it.

Houston, Texas

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