Letter to the editor: ‘Hybrid’ payment system should reduce costs

K.J. Lee, MD, writes to clarify his proposal for a payment system that would reward physicians for improving patients' outcomes.

I thank Lee Morgentaler, DO for his comment that it is a constant struggle for him and all of us to get the maximum allowable fee paid ($60). Under the proposed “hybrid” physician payment formula, the 60% of the maximum allowable fee should be paid without hassle within 7 days.

I also agree that primary care physicians are in general underpaid. Since this hybrid system should save costs from diminishing the so-called 33% unnecessary follow-up visits, tests, procedures and surgeries, there should be a great savings. Most of it should go back to reimbursing primary care physicians through a more realistic fee schedule.

K.J. Lee, MD, FACS

New Haven, Connecticut