Is It Time to Get Out of the Stock Market?


With all of the recent stock market turbulence, you may be asking whether you should even be in the stock market at all. In this week's episode, David Alemian makes the case for leaving the stock market.

Are you concerned about what’s been going on in the stock market? Well you should be, because if you have money in stocks or mutual funds, the last couple of weeks have not been good for you.

It’s probably safe to say you may have lost thousands of dollars. Do you want to lose more money? Of course not. Well the time to get out of the stock market is now. The longer you wait, the greater the risk. You could lose thousands, or tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more. It’s been so bad lately, I’ve seen headlines saying the stock market is like 2002 all over again.

Your retirement money is important, and anything you lose in the next crash you won’t have in retirement. Does your broker say don’t worry? Will your broker replace all the money YOU lose? No. It’s time to put your best interest first, because it’s your retirement money.

Here is what you can you do to protect your financial future. Put your IRA money or old 401(k) money into an equity indexed annuity. Find a life insurance agent who is experienced with equity indexed annuities and protect your money now. When the market goes down, your money will be protected, and you won’t lose money. When the market goes back up you will get a reasonable rate of return on your money.

If you have an old 401(k) with a previous employer, roll it over into an IRA using an equity indexed annuity. Moreover, if you have an IRA and/or other money that is in mutual funds, roll that over into an equity indexed annuity too. The time to act is now, because if you wait, it could be too late.

We all know the stock market will crash again, and when it does you'll be glad you followed my advice.

It is an honor for me to help you, so absolutely make sure you come back here next week to Physician’s Money Digest for another edition of The Alemian File. In the meantime, check out and “LIKE” The Alemian File Facebook page, or simply go to If you have questions, send me an email to, because I answer every email I get.

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