ICD-10 changing the way physicians practice

From questioning diagnoses to spending more time coding, ICD-10 is causing more physicians to take additional time away from practicing.

"I'm questioning why some ICD-10 codes are extremely specific and others are nonspecific with no ability to be more precise (e.g. I10 for all hypertension codes)."

Carla J. Lambert, MD
Family medicine
Beltsville, Maryland



"Patients don’t know about the new ICD-10 coding, although some have heard about it. So I end up explaining briefly why it takes a bit longer at the end of the exam, to make certain I do the correct coding."


Pamela J. Miller, OD
Highland, California



"While, in general, I have found the logic behind ICD-10 to be relatively easily understood, I find it difficult as a general practitioner to accurately code certain findings which have not yet been worked up to the point of diagnostic specificity."


Jeanne Hungerpiller, MD
Family medicine
Savannah, Georgia



"So people, be sure you are watching your claims … and if you get denied, appeal."


Thomas A Marsland, MD
Orange Park, Florida



"There are multiple different disorders with close to 100 different codes underneath the specific diagnosis. The delay is sifting through the different codes, making sure it is accurate for the disease being treated."


George G. Ellis, Jr., MD
Youngstown, Ohio



"Maybe it's time for a hashtag #ICD10CLAIMNOPAY where everybody can share the CPT code and linked ICD-10 code to see if big insurance or CMS is playing with our heads and livelihood."


Daniel Mark Siegel MD, MS
Brooklyn, New York



"Not much problem with ICD-10 coding except that it takes a few extra clicks on the EHR. I'm still having problems finding the wording of the diagnosis that I am used to."


Harry Drummond, MD
Family medicine
Simi Valley, California



"We have billed over 7,000 claims since Oct. 1, but have only received about 100 paid since our payers have over 30 days to reimburse.


Maria Chandler, MD, MBA
Long Beach, California


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