Health Hazard Destinations in the Mediterranean


These six party destinations in the Mediterranean are petri dishes, spreading sickness among tourists and spawning colloquial names like "Maga cough" and "Ibiza bark."

Traveling to a party city in the Mediterranean? Make sure you’re up to date on all your shots and vaccinations based on the sickness reports coming out of six destinations. There’s enough that can go wrong on a vacation, such as getting scammed or getting injured, but you might be able to avoid becoming a breeding ground for disease. used social media reports of flu and cough and named Magaluf, Spain — a party city if there ever was one — the biggest petri dish destination in the Mediterranean. The site first looked into the location after something call the “maga cough” first started getting reported on social media sites.

So what is the sickness? According to, people from the U.K. with the Whooping Cough (which is on the rise there) have been vacationing anyway, bringing their sickness to Magaluf, for instance, and spreading it to others.

The Spanish island isn’t the only known party destination where a sickness was named for it. In fact, it seems like Spain and Greece are taking the cake for spreading disease among partiers.

Keep in mind, the following reports are from social media mentions over the last 45 days and are far from official.

1. Magaluf, Spain

“Maga cough”

66 reports

2. Zakynthos/Zante, Greece

“Zante flu”

43 reports

3. Malia, Greece

“Malia disease”

37 reports

4. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

“Napa cough”

25 reports

5. Kavos, Greece

“Kavos cough”

21 reports

6. Ibiza, Spain

“Ibiza bark”

20 reports

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