Health care employees: disengaged, lacking communication, and relying on outdated training content


Report shows that health care employees are struggling thanks to poor company policies and training content.

A report from eLearning revealed that a majority of health care employees are disengaged, feel there is a lack of communication from their employers, and that onboarding and training content is outdated.

Sad doctor: ©Drazen -

Sad doctor: ©Drazen -

The disengagement is widespread, with 58% of those surveyed indicating they have felt burnt out or disengaged from the workplace in the past six months. This can hurt productivity and make some consider leaving their employer. In fact, 58% of health care workers said burnout led them to slack off and deliver low quality work.

The burnout may partially stem from a lack of communication. Nearly half (47%) of health care workers indicated they are experiencing communication and transparency issues with upper management, with 37% saying it creates a toxic work environment.

Another issue is that employers have not updated their onboarding process. Of those surveyed, 51% of health care workers said that their new employer’s onboarding process was outdated. In fact, the process was so bad that 42% said they regretted joining the new company, and 51% said they were “extremely overwhelmed” by the process. Ongoing training isn’t much better, with 64% indicating they participated in training that was “check a box” for their supervisor that was part of their performance goals.

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