FBI warns of physician scam

A physician was tricked into giving scammers about $188,000.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI has issued a warning about a financial scam that targeted a physician.

According to a news release, the physician received a call saying the Department of Justice (DOJ) was suspending his medical license because prescriptions were found with him listed as the prescribing physician. He was sent faxes featuring DOJ logos with the title “Federal Bond and Protocol Agreement” and was informed his bank account was compromised by drug traffickers.

The physician complied with the scammer’s demands and provided a total of about $188,000, according to the release.

The bureau reminds individuals to be cautious with phone, computer, and mail solicitations demanding money. If one receives a cold call or pop op demanding money for fines, for safekeeping, or threats of arrest they should not respond hastily as most scammers will express an urgency to resolve the matter and demand funds immediately, the release says.

U.S. government agencies will not telephone an individual demanding money be wired or placed in the mail to pay fines. When one receive these types of solicitations they should discuss the demand with a trusted family member or friend, look up the agency online and find an actual phone number for it, and call the agency. Any suspicious solicitations should be reported online at ic3.gov, according to the release.