Diagnose the Dow: End of Week 7

See the latest in our stock-picking competition: which stocks are hot and what the top 10 looks like. There's still a week left for new registrations!

The “Diagnose the Dow” stock contest is in the final stretch with just one week left, and the top 10 is in constant fluctuation as players jockey for the top five.

JMueksch is holding onto the lead for another week while the majority of the top 10 fall further behind. However, a new entrant to the contest, apat, has proven that sometimes the market is all about luck. Entering a month after the contest started, apat has taken second place with a huge profit off Human Genome Sciences (HGSI).

The top 10 currently stands as such:

Apat isn’t the only user to join the top 10 this week. MfK3Rx, halandi and speedie9 rounded out the top at eight, nine and 10, respectively.

Last week’s down market roughed up a number of players; however, this week has been slightly more favorable as some strong earnings reports lifted the market. And those holding Apple (AAPL) stocks took a hit — after shooting up to more than $630 a share, Apple’s stock price is back down to just under $590. So anyone who purchased Apple’s stock in the last two weeks might find themselves with a heavy loss.

Think you know better? There are only two weeks left in the contest, so register and make your own picks.

Join our game and invest $100,000 of virtual funds in any stocks you choose. Placing trades is easy and fun! Then check back in daily to see how your stock picks are performing against your competitors. The winner will receive an iPad, while four (4) runners up will receive $50 AmEx gift cards.

Registration will remain open until the markets close on April 27, 2012.


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