Consult for a law firm

Is it worth it to consider earning extra income as a consultant?

Q: A colleague of mine earns extra money by working two days a month as a consultant to law firms on personal injury cases. Is this a viable option that could be worth my time? How would I get started?

A: As with any part-time endeavor that is not oriented to patient care, this is one that takes special skill and is not for everyone. Consulting for law firms is deskwork that involves reviewing cases and medical records to trace care and research processes and coach people who have no formal medical training. If you want to connect with law firms, one way to do it is to identify the firms that do a lot of personal injury work and send them your CV. Also, networks of medical consultants that can be found on the Web. Listing your availability with one or more of the national firms would be another means of connecting with them.

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