Americans Pick Favorite Travel Companion: Their Smartphones

Smart phones are playing a bigger and bigger role in how we travel, according to a new survey.

More travelers—83% compared to 53%—rated their mobile devices versus their loved ones as their favorite travel “accessories.” Despite the poor wording (people aren’t accessories), the recent Mobile Travel Tracker survey reveals just how important our devices are to us when we travel.

The online booking site for lodging analyzed responses from 9,200 travelers in 31 countries. Here are some of’s findings on how we use our mobile devices.

• Take more trips. Almost a third of respondents felt they booked more trips because of their mobile devices. Forty-two percent of people regularly book hotel stays on a mobile device and 49% of 30- to 39-year-olds do.

• Book where it is convenient. Twenty-seven percent of respondents booked a hotel while in bed with their partner, 14% took time to book while at the office, 10% made reservations while on public transport, 9% reserved when in front of a hotel, and 11% clinched the deal while sitting on the toilet.

• Be spontaneous. More than 45% of Americans said their smartphone makes them more spontaneous when traveling. US travelers seem more spontaneous than others as 53% booked a hotel on the same day as their stay versus 42% of people globally.

• Price, reviews, and payment method important. Half of respondents listed getting the best value as the prime booking element; 48% felt genuine guest reviews to be most important; 44% listed detailed hotel information; and 36% listed the payment method.

Top 5 Uses for Mobile when Americans Travel

1. Comparing deals, 53%

2. Using maps to get around, 51%

3. Checking weather, 46%

4. Taking pictures, 45%

5. Accessing social media, 44%

Most Popular Apps when Traveling

1. Social media, 66%

2. Messaging, 50%

3. Mapping, 43%

4. Travel, 39%

5. Music and entertainment, 32%

Do you think your phone makes you more spontaneous? Have you ever booked a hotel for the same day using your smartphone? Comment below or connect with me on Twitter, @familyitrips! And check out's infographic below.

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