A Fitting End to Tax Season

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Tax season is over and, mercifully, this will be the last tax-focused article for a while. In order to close things out in style, we've got's Top 10 Humorous Tax Stories for your entertainment. Enjoy.

Tax season is now over, and since only the late filers are left haggling with the government, it's time to take a breather on the subject.

So we figured the last one should be a little humorous, as the topic, though useful, is usally pretty bland.

In a guest commentary on Punch Debt in the Face, Matt Robinson of gives us his 10 best tax stories, which includes the obligatory stripper-tries-to-claim-breast-implants tale.

Hilariously, Chesty Love made off with a successful $2,088 deduction. A sizeable sum, yes, but it pales in comparison to the 56FF implants that allowed her to make more money than she otherwise would have, and justified the claim.


You were expecting something else?

Putting a Smile to the Dreaded Tax Season: 10 Humorous Tax Stories

  1. Here is a great recent news story: Aaaron Zeff is the owner of Harv’s Metro Car Wash in Sacramento, California. Last month, two IRS agents showed up at his place of business requesting payment for back taxes. Aaron’s onsite manager was surprised...