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16 spooky Halloween-themed ICD-10 codes


With Halloween right around the corner, be on the lookout for some of these lighthearted incidents that may require new ICD-10 codes.


With Halloween right around the corner, be on the lookout for some of these lighthearted incidents that may require new ICD-10 codes.

Photo credit: ©Ryan Jorgensen - Jorgo/Shutterstock.com



16. W49.01

Hair causing external constriction (initial encounter)
Wigs are a nice addition to any costume, but not everyone checks the sizing before application.

Photo credit: ©Creativa Images/Shutterstock.com





16. X99.2

Assault by sword or dagger
Oh, he looks innocent, but watch out …

Photo credit: ©Babich Alexander/Shutterstock.com





14. R44.1

Visual hallucinations
No need to worry … it will be Nov. 1 soon.

Photo credit: ©Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock.com





13. W22.02

Walked into lamppost (initial encounter)
Modern mask eye-holes are better than the past, but accidents happen.

Photo credit: ©VOJTa Herout/Shutterstock.com





12. W54.0

Bitten by dog
Hope you got that picture, posted it to Facebook, and it was worth it.

Photo credit: ©WilleeCole Photography/Shutterstock.com






Accidental striking against / bumping into by another person (initial encounter)
Just in case this wagon ride goes astray.

Photo credit: ©FamVeld/Shutterstock.com





10. Z62.891

Sibling rivalry
Listen, you can both be fairy princesses-no need to fight.

Photo credit: ©Alena Ozerova





9. R46.1

Bizarre personal appearance
It's Halloween … you might as well keep this one on speed dial.

Photo credit: ©Pressmaster/Shutterstock.com





8. Y93.D2

Injury due to activity-sewing
Last minute pirate costume alterations can result in injuries.

Photo credit: ©PRIMA/Shutterstock.com





7. Y93.D


Injury due to activities involving arts and crafts
Just in case the scissors slip while prepping a host of ghosts.

Photo credit: ©Kzenon/Shutterstock.com





6. Y93.75

Injury due to activity-martial arts
Tiny ninjas + tons of sugar = flailing hands and feet

Photo credit: ©Christophe Testi/Shutterstock.com





5. W29.301

Contact with power garden and outdoor hand tools and machinery
This injury will likely be paired with R06.02-shortness of breath from running-and W01.19-slipping and tripping; striking against another object.

Photo credit: ©Jeff Thrower/Shutterstock.com





4. Y04.1

Human bite (initial encounter)
It's all fun and games until someone takes their Twilight obsession a bit too far.

Photo credit: ©Ollyy/Shutterstock.com




3. A28.1

Cat-scratch disease
1. Don't let it cross your path.  2. Don't engage.

Photo credit: ©MyImages - Micha/Shutterstock.com





2. K03.81

Cracked tooth
Damn you, Smarties.

Photo credit: ©marcogarrincha/Shutterstock.com





1. R10.84

Generalized abdominal pain
The day-after tummyache can be tough.

Photo credit: ©PHILIPIMAGE/Shutterstock.com

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