10 Summer Jobs for Medical Students


Instead of spending your first summer break getting a tan, consider these 10 opportunities to boost your business acumen.

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Now that summer is upon us, most first-year med students will be taking a breath and sitting in piazzas in Italy or on the beaches in Thailand.

But, the free summer between the first and second year of med school is a great opportunity to spread your entrepreneurial wings. Here are 10 summer jobs to get your feet wet:

1. Work for a startup.

2. Volunteer to help build a local innovation ecosystem.

3. Serve as a mentor to public school kids interested in STEM subjects.

4. Sell cars, coffee, or anything else that will improve your sales and customer service skills.

5. Rent a co-working space and create a business model canvas with a compelling value proposition and do 100 customer discovery interviews over three months.

6. Study international bioentrepreneurship as part of an international B-school experience.

7. Read as many books as you can on Blockchain until you understand it.

8. Visit museums and learn to “see.”

9. Work at an accelerator.

10. Help place service dogs.

Perhaps the best test of your entrepreneurial abilities is to create summer jobs.

Enjoy and be sure to use sunscreen, even it does not prevent cancer. It's better to cover up, a skill many bioentrepreneurs seem to find useful.

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Victor J. Dzau, MD, gives expert advice
Victor J. Dzau, MD, gives expert advice
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