10 Signs You're Over-Connected

The rapid changes in tech and healthcare – and the plethora of new terms and gizmos that are accompanying it – are enough to make anyone dizzy.

Coherence. Syzygy. Alignment. You will be hearing these words a lot in the coming year as all things Sick Care, technology and the Internet of Things converge. But, will there come a point when we all begin to suffer from convergence toxicity? Here are some of the symptoms:

1. An overwhelming state of mental anxiety and physical symptoms due to excessive sensory input.

2. Change fatigue due to the rapidity of the pace of change in interface technologies

3. Burnout, depression, and suicidal thoughts

4. A sense of loss for the human touch

5. Entrepreneurial psychopathologies

6. Clutter stress due to all those devices plugged into charging sites

7. Worrying about keeping up with the mobile device arms race and whether you will be able to get a good spot in line when the new Apple iPhone is released

8. Paying more to your service technician than your surgeon when your smart refrigerator starts talking back to you

9. Your kids knowing more about how to run your house than you do

10. Trying to find that streaming movie on Xfinity only to realize you have opened your garage door and left it open all night. Fortunately, your video surveillance camera facing the drive way did not detect any movement during the night and that GoPro on your $8,000 Motobecane bicycle is still there.

Here's some treatment advice. Go to your local tele-behavioral health site and take a deep breath. Watch that Yoga for Absolute Beginners on YouTube and do several downward-facing dogs. Digitally detoxify using the detox app. Take the homeopathic approach.

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Victor J. Dzau, MD, gives expert advice
Victor J. Dzau, MD, gives expert advice
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