10 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

Asking yourself the right questions is an important first step for leaders who want to grow personally and professionally. Here are 10 questions to get you started.

Are you asking yourself questions to make you think harder and more innovatively and be more impactful at work? Research suggests that leaders who ask questions and encourage their team members to find the answers tend to be more effective than those who try to know and do it all themselves. In my experience, you can't rely on most managers, let alone leaders, to do that. So, you'll have to do it yourself. Here are 10 questions that might help get you on track:

1. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

2. Are you happy and do you send that message to patients?

3. Are you practicing at the top or your license?

4. How are you managing or mitigating your conflicts of interest?

5. Is it time to quit practicing clinical medicine and do something else?