Your Voice: Patients at risk when non-physician providers take over


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This article appears in the 5/10/18 issue of Medical Economics

The article “Physicians face punishment for speaking out about non-physician care” (, March 31, 2018) is well-written and accurate. Thank you.
My place “closed” its ICU a while back and only allowed “intensivists” to write orders-boarded family physicians, internists, surgeons, etc. were no longer welcome. Nurse practitioners are caring for these very sick patients.
When a critical mass of people are harmed by the (in)actions of unsupervised mid-levels, the public will figure it out. In the meantime, plaintiff attorneys are licking their chops waiting for their paydays, as more NPs, and physician assistants make major mistakes. As with government, the populace is getting the healthcare they have chosen by default, (but don’t deserve).
Anonymous online comment

“Feeling that a CT scan needs to be done every time for abdominal pain, is part of the reason medical treatment costs are higher in the U.S. than in any other country.”
In response to: “Putting process over patients continues to hurt healthcare” by Anish Koka
“The ‘Blue Light’ Syndrome of progress is at hand and @anish_koka addresses it perfectly. Kudos! [This is a] must-read if you really are concerned about patient care and not only titillated by virtue signaling.”
Parvez Dara MD, MBA

In response to: “3 modern financial tips for new attending physicians”
“Know how to eliminate #medschool debt, save money without ever paying a cent in taxes, and literally CYA? Grateful to have @MedEconomics publish this.”
Daniel Orlovich MD, PharmD

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