Women prefer financial advice from a person

Women prefer to obtain financial advice from a person or in small groups

For years, financial planners have aimed their pitches and advice at men, even when working with couples. Not surprisingly, women would like to be heard too. A study released by Minneapolis-based Allianz Life focused on what women want from their financial planning sessions. Contrary to popular opinion, they're eager to learn about finance and prefer to get their advice from a person, rather than from printed materials or the internet, both of which they perceive as less effective than receiving info firsthand. "Women prefer learning in small groups of 10 to 15, and they want to be in similar age and lifestyle groups," Allianz spokeswoman Sherri DuMond told Investment News, a trade journal for financial advisers. Divorcees and widowers, for instance, say they need different assistance and support than married women or single career women just starting out.