Women in Medicine: Exclusive Survey—The financial picture

Our latest Financial Survey shows women physicians still trailing their male colleagues—but the numbers don't tell the whole story.

While that 10-year difference may be one explanation for the gap in net worth, other factors undoubtedly come into play, including differing levels of income. According to our 2005 Continuing Survey of physicians' incomes, women doctors report a median income of $140,000 compared to men's $200,000. (A broader range of specialities were included in the Continuing Survey than in the Financial Survey.) When you look at median family income, as studied in this survey, women physicians' households are only $20,000 less than men's-$180,000 compared to $200,000. Women are also less likely to have help with basic living expenses: Nearly one woman in four is not married; that number is one in 10 for men. So there may be proportionately less available to women for savings and investments.