Women in Concierge Medicine


Today’s landscape for female medical professionals is fraught with gender-specific challenges around work-life balance, burnout rate and salary equity. However, because the majority of women physicians are younger than their male counterparts and tend not to be in private practice, they may be less likely to consider concierge medicine as a viable alternative to their current situation.

The Specialdocs’ Women Physicians Council (SWPC) is a group of doctors dedicated to creating a vibrant and supportive community around current and future female concierge physicians. Each year, the SWPC meets to discuss new initiatives, address current challenges and record an annual podcast to share the conversation with all female physicians who may be considering the concierge medicine model.

In this podcast, members of the SWPC convey their experiences in concierge medicine and how the model has enabled them to remain financially sound, build thriving practices, and maintain a sense of optimism about the future.

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