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Retirement Rx: Work longer and save more

Is that cappuccino really worth $9,000?

Corporate America has privacy woes, too

Like physicians, executives of large companies are becoming increasingly worried about protecting healthcare information from prying eyes, says a survey conducted for Proofpoint, an e-mail security firm. A full two-thirds say they're concerned about guarding healthcare information in outgoing e-mails, of which more than one in five poses a legal, financial, or regulatory risk, says Proofpoint. More than a third of the 294 companies surveyed hire staff to read or analyze outbound e-mail messages.

New tax advice for small businesses

The IRS has put together a series of fact sheets to help small businesses and self-employed taxpayers better understand what to report and how much to pay. The first fact sheet spells out how to determine gross income. Go to http://www.irs.gov and click on Newsroom, then The Tax Gap under The Newsroom Topics. The "Business Income and the Tax Gap" fact sheet is No. FS-2006-20.

Uncle Warren can teach your kids about money

For the wrong way to handle a pile of money, check out NBC's TV series Windfall. For the right way, there's something more helpful coming down the pike. The Secret Millionaire's Club, a new animated, direct-to-DVD series that will start appearing on store shelves in the fall, will feature the voice of Warren Buffett as the financial adviser to a group of kids who stumble into a windfall. The series will eventually have 13 episodes focusing on financial lessons for kids (and of interest to their parents, too).

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