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Slipups can hurt you as well


High-earners rely on Uncle Sam, too


Fees? Bah!

"Fees mean a lot to me, but, no, I don't know how much I pay." That sums up the findings of a recent report commissioned by AARP of 401(k) plan participants age 25 and older. The survey found that 79 percent of people who make their own decisions about their investments consider fees an important part of their planning. Nevertheless, an almost equal chunk of the 1,584 survey respondents-83 percent-admitted they don't know how much they pay in fees and expenses within their 401(k) plans. And when asked who should be held most responsible for their ignorance, only 28 percent of respondents blamed themselves.


Got tamper-proof Rx pads?

Starting Oct. 1, you'll have to write prescriptions for your Medicaid patients on pads printed on tamper-resistant paper, thanks to a tiny provision tucked into an appropriations bill passed in May. But good luck finding the special pads. It's unclear whether enough of them will be available in time to meet the deadline, says the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. To make matters worse, pharmacists aren't even sure exactly what kinds of paper would pass muster, adds the American Pharmacists Association.