Top 4 medical journal curation apps that physicians should try

Try these medical journal curation apps to stay up-to-date with the latest research.

Physician hours are getting longer than ever, and the influx of medical research information never stops.

So, how can you maintain that busy schedule, and stay up-to-date with the latest medical research?

Using an app that compiles research from various journals would help strengthen your searching power.

Below is a list of the top medical journal curation apps.


The Medical Reader (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) -- $1.99

This app does not give access to the full-length articles, but The Medical Reader stores the most recent articles from three journals: the New England Journal of Medicine,Journal of the American Medical Association, and The Lancet. You'll also have the option to save abstracts to favorites, then view offline. 


Read by QxMd (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) -- Free

This app probably has the best journal library, and Read by QxMd’s usefulness is matched by its user interface.  Its one-tap access to full text content is nice. But Read by QxMd’s curation of medical literature might be one its best features.


docwise (iPhone, iPad) -- Free

Adds journals daily based on request, while alerting users as journals are uploaded. This app doesn’t just provide journals; docwise also gives users the option to scan recent medical news and topics.


Journal Club (iPhone & Android) -- $2.99

Not only does this app provide one of the most exhaustive lists of top articles in medicine, Journal Club saves you time as physicians condense the information into a CliffNotes-like setup.

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