Top 100 EHR list needed different survey method

A reader questions the methodology used to compile the Medical Economics Top 100 EHR list.

I received my copy of Medical Economics containing the Top 100 electronic health records (EHR) systems (“The Top 100 EHRs,” October 25, 2013) and was surprised to not see the ChartMaker EHR as well as other vendors missing from the list. Although I agree with what you were attempting to accomplish with this issue, I take exception to your survey methods. Allowing privately-held companies to self-report their annual sales revenue is very subjective and at best nonverifiable.

A more objective and verifiable method to achieve the Top 100 EHR list would be to  go to the website and download the list of physicians who have achieved Meaningful Use certification. This list is in XLS format and with a little knowledge of Microsoft Excel, you could total and sort the list by vendors with the most Meaningful Users. On that list, ChartMaker and STI Computer Services would be the 29th largest vendor in the country.

 Joseph M. Cerra

Eagleville, Pennsylvania