The top 100 EHR companies (Part 3 of 4)

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See a list of the top 100 electronic health record companies in this Medical Economics exclusive report.

#CompanyEHR System NameAnnual Company RevenuePublic or PrivateCertificationMU2 certified (as of 9/27/13)Website
51MedFlowMedflow EHR$6.0 million*PrivateDrummond
52WRS (Waiting Room Solutions)Waiting Room Solutions$6.0 millionPrivateCCHIT
53WellsoftWellsoft EDIS$6.0 million*PrivateCCHITX (modular only)
54EnSoftek, Inc.DrCloud EMR$6.0 million*PrivateISCA Labs
55MEDITECHMeditech$590 million**PrivateDrummond
56Anasazi Software Inc.Anasazi Complete EHR$5.8 million*PrivateDrummond Group
57ChartLogic Inc.ChartLogic$5.5 million*PrivateDrummond
58Nuesoft TechnologiesNueMD EHR$5.5 million*PrivateCCHIT
59Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc.Essentia$5.4 million*PrivateDrummond Group
60Physician's Computer Co (The)PCC EHR Pediatric Charting$5.0 millionPrivateDrummond Group
61WEBeDoctor, Inc.WEBeDoctor EMR$5.0 millionPrivateSurescripts LLC, Drummond Group, Inc.
62Net Health (Integritas, Inc.)Agility EHR Software$4.8 million*PrivateCCHIT
63RazorInsightsONE-Electronic Health RecordembargoedPrivateInfoGard Laboratories
64NCG MedicalPerfect Care EHR$4.4 million*PrivateDrummond Group
65MedInformatix, Inc.MedInformatix V7.5$4.0 million*PrivateDrummond Group
66DocuTAPDocuTAP$3.9 million*PrivateDrummond Group
674Medica4medica iEHR$3.7 million*PrivateCCHIT
68P & P Data SystemsCIS 8 (Clinic Information Systems)$3.3 million*PrivateSLI Global Laboratories, Inc. / ICSA Labs
69iSALUS HealthcareOfficeEMR$3.0 millionPrivateDrummond Group
70PhymedicaPhymedica$3.0 million*PrivateSurescripts LLC,
71CentriHealth, Inc.CentriHealth Individual Health Record (IHR)$2.7 million*PrivateCCHIT
72Meta Pharmacy Systems Inc (dba Meta Healthcare IT Solutions)MetaCare$2.6 million*PublicInfoGard Laboratories
73Inforia, Inc.Caregiver Desktop$2.5 millionPrivateDrummond Group
74Raintree SystemsRaintree Systems version 10$2.5 million*PrivateCCHIT
75eHealthFiles, Inc.eHealthFiles$2.1 millionPrivateDrummond Group

*Data gathered through Hoovers financial reporting.

**Revenue figure update by company after October 25, 2013.