Tech support screening

Know what to ask when interviewing someone for tech support.

Q: What questions should doctors ask when interviewing someone for tech support for networks, EHRs, etc.? I feel lost in evaluating prospective information technology resumes. Is word-of-mouth reference from another doctor the only criterion we can use?

A: It can be quite difficult to interview someone for a technical position and ensure that he or she knows the job when you may not fully understand the technology yourself. The first step is to identify the position that you want to fill. Do you have a detailed job description and the responsibilities for this new position? It just can't be, "They need to make sure the computers are running." That may be a small component, but other responsibilities that may be included would be:

Technology is definitely a part of the job, but you may find that you want several other qualities for this position: leadership, communication, working well in team environment, and budget management. Ask several questions based on these key qualities.

Some questions that you should ask from a technical perspective, by topic:

Answer provided by John Untener, Clayton L. Scroggins and Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio. Send your practice management questions to

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