Speech recognition software requires up-to-date hardware

Thinking about using speech recognition software in your practice? Discover why you might want to upgrade your hardware at the same time.

Q: I'm interested in using speech recognition software to dictate my notes, but I'm worried that my old desktop computer won't have the capacity to handle it. Does using a speech recognition system typically require much in the way of new hardware?

A: To run these programs effectively, you'll want a powerful computer that has a significant amount of memory. Check the voice recognition software system's specification requirements as well as the recommendations-often two very different sets of specifications. It's quite possible that your older desktop computer will be able to run the software, but there's a good chance it will process the information so slowly that you'll become frustrated and give up using the technology.

Nelson is with MGMA Healthcare Consulting Group, Jamestown, New York, and a Medical Economics editorial consultant.