Snap practice uses iPAD for office visits

A look at mobile software that helps engage patient in their care, while reducing paper-based registration.

Interfaceware and Seamless Medical Systems demonstrated their mobile patient engagement solutions for the iPad at this year’s Health Information and Management Systems Society annual meeting. Snap Practice, Seamless Medical’s cloud-based enterprise platform is designed to be used by patients throughout an office visit, starting with registration and moving to the delivery of health and wellness information and continuing into the exam room.

Patient data from Snap Practice can be transferred to electronic health records or an organization’s practice management system with Interfaceware’s interface engine.

Available in two models, Snap Express and Snap Enterprise, the iPad-based platform includes a standard form for primary care and internal medicine, among other specialties. The platform is not only Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act-compliant but also offers digital signage capture, pre-populating and auto-formatting data field logic, and structured data output to practice systems. Patients also can access customized wellness information from the Mayo Clinic with SnapEdu.

The platform is designed to save time, money, and errors associated with paper-based registration forms and the re-keying of information involved. Its electronic information transfer can occur without replacing existing technologies or redesigning existing systems. The software also connects healthcare systems to new technologies, such as cloud computing, with a single Web-based interface.

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