Premium Content Preview | How cloud security can protect patient data

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Securing sensitive patient data presents its own set of challenges – even when medical groups enact their own policies that go beyond HIPAA minimums. Find out how to protect yourself and your patients

Some may be surprised to learn that storing all your clinical and financial data on servers somewhere in the office – under a desk or in a closet – may not be the safest approach.

Yes, it’s reassuring to see and touch the servers, but on-site hardware can be vulnerable to both theft and physical damage.



Increased data security was one reason that Eppel Family Medicine in Port Orchard, Wash., chose a cloud-based EHR.

“We didn’t want a server that could be stolen,” Ken Adams, office manager, stated.

“The cloud system was definitely a draw right from the get-go. Even more than the cost and ease of use, we didn’t want it here in the office. We wanted somebody else to protect it from the bad guys.”



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