Premium Content Preview | Financing Growth for Healthcare Businesses and Practices

Discover the most popular finance options for hospitals and clinics. Learn four ways to overcome reimbursement challenges and improve cash flow, including factoring accounts receivable and borrowing from lenders.

When cash flow is restricted, the choice between paying the bills and building a business becomes stark. Growth for individual healthcare businesses

can be stymied even in the midst of growth for the entire health industry.

And the opportunity is there. Healthcare is the largest -- and fastest growing -- industry in the United States. Nearly 20% of the economy is devoted to healthcare (1) and one in eight Americans work in the industry (2).

By 2024, healthcare will be the largest employer in the country and will create 80% of all new jobs (2). Despite the size and strength of the industry, individual healthcare businesses often struggle to finance the investments needed to accommodate this growth while also staying current with staff and suppliers. Expenditures on electronic health records and other requirements of the Affordable Care Act have constrained their ability to invest in business needs and, sometimes, to meet payroll.




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