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An EHR should “become invisible to us,” said Steven Schiebel, M.D., of Pediatric Associates, a large eight-location practice based in Bellevue, Washington, summing up what providers really want from their EHRs. Dr. Schiebel likened it to driving a car: you don’t think about it, you just do it.




Many physicians, especially those in smaller practices or who’ve practiced medicine longer, feel that electronic health record (EHR) systems aren’t worth the $27 billion the federal government has invested to encourage their use. Some even believe that an EHR forces them to focus more on the technology than on the patient.

Research shows that these physicians commonly report several main complaints about EHR systems. According to a 2013 RAND study of professional satisfaction among physicians, major causes of dissatisfaction with EHRs include poor system functionality, cumbersome data entry, high upfront and ongoing costs, and inefficient and insufficient exchange of health information.




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