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In a 2014 JAMA survey, physicians reported an EHR-associated loss of 48 minutes of free time per clinic day. Similarly, an IDC Report published in 2013 found that the top reason for physician dissatisfaction with EHR software was lost productivity.

Every modern profession experienced an unprecedented increase in productivity as it adopted computer technology.

Think of accountants and spreadsheets, architects and computer-aided drafting, lawyers and word processing. There has been just one notable exception: physicians and the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

In a recent survey,1 physicians were asked, “How has the EHR affected the number of patients you can accommodate per
” An astonishing 36.9 percent claimed to see fewer patients.

Only 11.7 percent said they saw more patients, while 51.4 percent saw the same number of patients.

In other words, fewer than 12 out of every 100 physicians are more productive with the use of EHRs, while three times as many (37 out of 100) actually see their productivity go down.

By reading this white paper, you will learn:

• Why EHR usability is the key to physician productivity;
• How to define and measure EHR usability; and
• How to find a usable EHR.

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