Premium Content Preview | 6 Easy Steps to Mastering Conversion Marketing


6 Easy Steps to Mastering Conversion Marketing


If the goal of your marketing program is to attract new patients, how will you know if it’s working? How can you tell if the money you invested is paying off, and that you are attracting potential patients who are booking appointments, whether via website or phone?

Booking an appointment is the ultimate goal - and when someone performs that action, it’s called a conversion. (There are other conversions, or desired actions, along the way, sometimes called micro-conversions, such as reading a blog post, sharing a Facebook status, checking out your Yelp profiles, etc. that move a potential patient toward the end goal.)

Looking at conversion rates help you evaluate each step of your marketing program and make modifications to achieve your goals. In this whitepaper, we’ll break down conversion marketing into six easy steps, and show you how to improve your rates and time-to-action.